I think music is my first talent before drawing and painting. So I had been singing before I came to UAACC. I joined to the music class in February. In music class we learn many things about music like drums, guitar, and other music instruments. So now music class is helping me to press up my talent. I have been performing better than before I came to UAACC music class. And also now I have a music group known as GHERO FIGHTERS. We fight for the freedom, peace and love through our songs. That’s why some people call us FRIENDS OF PEACE. GHERO FIGHTERS is the product of UAACC music class. My message to you is stand strong if you have a talent. ONE LOVE.

Written Hassan Sellassie



Music is an art.

Musical works are produced by tones. Tones are produced by the human voice or by musical instruments.

In music class we learn about musical sounds, which are named in ascending order from the first seven letters of alphabet, A-G. And they are repeated to represent the same note at high or low level.

Last week we learned about keys and how to play the keyboard or piano. And our teacher taught us how to use the different keys at high and low level. We also learnt how to go or to move from one key to another in the same voice without changing the mood of the song. Also we learnt about how to go or move a keyboard beat with voices, which produce quality sounds, and voices which people like to hear or that allows the singers to sing the song.

My self, I am enjoying the determination it takes every time I am trying to do an exercise so I can learn it well. And it is better to know how to play instruments yourself because if you want to sing your own song you can play the musical instrument yourself as you want.

Also I want to know more and more about the piano because sometimes if you know how to play it you can profit from it. Many people do not get the skills on how to play, so sometimes they find people who know how to play it so as to help and to teach others.

Written by Godluck


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