English class is the class in which we learn about English. In English class we learn how to make sentences, how to write, how to read, and how to speak very well. In English class we are studying many things like parts of speech, question tags. The following are parts of speech:

Noun: THis represents the name of a person or place or thing. Ex. Juma, ship, ocean.

Pronoun. This is same as a noun that take place of a noun. Ex. you, she, he it, ours.

Adjective. Any word which adds to the meaning of a verb, adjective. Another adverb by telling how, why, when or where action takes place. Ex. lazily, softly, often, weekly.

Conjunction. This is another part of speech that joins two or more words in the sentences. Ex. for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so.

Preposition. Shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun and other in a sentence. Ex. up, over, against, buy, and for

Question tags. Are short interrogative structures which can be aded at the end of sentences. Ex. Don’t I? Doesn’t he? Aren’t they?

Also in English class we are studying vocabulary, singular and plurals so we improve our English. Therefore I like to learn more English because it is an international language and so helps me to speak very well.

Written by Fredrick Filex Kitomary



In English class we study many things like parts of speech, question tags, and other things. Following are parts of speech:

Example. Noun: Names a person, place or thing. ex. Juma, ship, ocean.

Question tags: ex. You like trouble, don’t you?

Written by Tausi A. Msofe



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