This blog is written by students of the intermediate English class at the United African Alliance Community Center of Imbaseni Village, Tanzania. Here are their profiles:


My name is Hassan Sellasie. I am twenty years old. I am studying at the UAACC. I have been learning English, Computer, Arts, and Music. My favorite lessons is arts and music coz I focus to be a big artist. In arts class we are learning how to draw and painting a picture, necklace making and other traditional things.


My name is Fanuely Lalashowi Judica. I live with my family at small town at Usa-River Arusha Tanzania. Now I study at UAACC. At UAACC I study computer, English, music, and Architecture. I like this subject because English will help me to communicate with other people around the world. Computer help to install my document and I can get news of the world through internet. Architecture helps me to design the map of the house. And the last subject is music I like this subject because I sing and I rap and I would like to become a producer. Some time even if I sick when I listen music I feel better.

The problem is that when I go home I can’t practice what I learned at UAACC because of lack of tools especially computer, music and architecture. This problem causes my future to go slowly. I would like say thanks to UAACC for giving us the free education and for all volunteers for showing us and teaching us to open our mind.



My name is Othuman Mnkondo. I live in Arusha at Maji ya chai and now I study at Uaacc. I study computer, English, Music and Art. I like to study music because I love music too much so I need to know music well because I want to be a good artist for international music. After finishing school, I want to develop as a musician and go to another  school, and International school .Because I need to get more ideas for music so, I will be better as  ,I will know music deeply .This is my  dream about my life. I live with my mother only because father has been  dead for a long time .


My  name is Fredrick. I am twenty  years old.  I come  from Arusha  in Maroroni village. I started primary school in 2000 at Dolly primary school. When you started primary school teacher I was teaching me how to write and read.  In 2007 I did nation Examination. So I passed  the examination . In 2008 I started form one at Maroroni secondary school. When I was in secondary  I studied English,Mathematics,Geograph,Physics,history and others. When I was in secondary  I liked  to read books story  and English like tenses ,vocabulary . In 2011 I finished secondary school. In 2012 January I started to study in UAACC.


My name is Winnie. I come from Maji ya chai in Arusha region. I was born in 1990 and I started standard one at Ngurdoto Primary School in 1999. I finished standard seven in 2005 and I continued with secondary school. In 2010 I lived in Mwanza region for two years and after that I returned home and for now I am student of UAACC. I am here to study English, computer English, art, sewing, architecture, and yoga. My focus is English. I want to know how to speak well and to write, and vocabularies. After this course I want to do my work.


My name is PRISCA GIVEN and I want to discuss about debate and motion we say that education is better than than money. This is true. I am a student of UAACC. I was born in 1992. I live in USA-RIVER



My name is Tausi. I was born in 1992 at Usa River village. I live with my siblings at the home. I am a student at UAACC, I am here to study English and Computer. Sometimes I saw English is difficult language because sometimes people say English is an international language. it is used in Europe, America, Australia, Asia, and Africa. In Tanzania English is an official language of communication both nationally and internationally. Many students like to speak Swahili more than English so people should lean English because it is a good language. There are rules of learn English, read, write, talk, and listen. So my fellow students my advice is to try to speak English.



My name is GODLUCK RICHARD. I come from Arusha in Usa-River village. Before proceeding with anything I want to explain to you about my life. I was born in Usa River at 1990  and started the primary school at 2000.I lived with my family for the under time when was still in primary school.

After I finished the standard seven, passed my exam and then went to school but that time did not live with my family because my family doesn’t  give the support for me to learn in secondary school. This process forced me to find another advantage in order to support me to get studying. And after started studying, I didn’t live with my parent. I lived with other sibling which gave the advice so as to get support.

One day I got support from the white man which knew me through church which I was going to for prayer and that was the people who come to help some people on that church. So we helped me and given the school fees for all four years. After ending the secondary school didn’t pass well so as to go to government school or even the private school. If I got the support after there, I could be in A-level but I lost the support. Now there are my classmates which already employed because their fathers has capital to sent those to the private school.

Now I am studying at UAACC School which provides education free. But even now I live alone. I pay the house taxi find the food myself and I still am proceeding with studying but sometimes the life is too tough to drive it. My family was far from me and there wasn’t anything to get from my family. But If I will get support I can study hard so as to have a good success. I remember that I finished the secondary school on 2010, so I live in different environment for one year before going to UAACC.


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