African Liberation Day, student article


This is the story about Africa before getting their Independence. The ancestors were forced to do different works, e.g.: In plantation, in mining sector, Also African were used as the major means of transport to take goods from Africa to America.

              African people were forced to work in plantations and forced by supervisors who were crude

in nature. Also African people were forced to pay taxes during the colonial era and still were payed low wages and they hadn’t time to do their own work. They need to pay hut tax and head tax. The African people  lost freedom and their land was alienated by white people which stole a fertile land and Africans were squeezed to infertile land.

            Loss of cattle. Cattle were the back bone of the people live hood. But the British took Ndebele cattle which found in Zimbabwe and were forced to reduce the number of cattle they kept. This was a bad process which show real that Africans were discriminated during the colonial period.

            Harsh treatment. The people were treated badly and this led some Africans to resist. Example:    Nandi resistance in Kenya 1895-1907 against British, Nama and Herero in Namibia 1904-1907 against German, Shona and Ndebele in Zimbabwe 1896-1897against British, Hehe resistance in Iringa Tanzania against German under Mkwawa. Those resistance cause many effects for Africans. Example; Depopulation of people, Distraction of properties and family separation. But today we are celebrated for African Liberation.

         We would like to thanks all African leaders who fought for Freedom of black people such as; Kwameh Nkrumah of Ghana, Samora Machel of Mozambique, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Julius K. Nyerere of Tanganyika and others. God bless all of them.


     We African people of this day, We should protect the entire Freedom which we have attained by engaging in production, Education and avoid Laziness, Disunity and Ignorance. Maintain peace, Love and co operation. Also keep our cultural and customs.

                           This prepared and written by:

                                                                       GODLUCK RICHARD.

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